***We do not have a litter at this time. ***

Our litters of Australian Cattle dogs are highly anticipated, we searched for many years to find the perfect dogs, our criteria was tough to fill. First they had to have excellent temperaments, in other words be great with kids, be able to ride in the truck without unprovoked aggression, but be protective when necessary. Secondly they had to be free from genetic defects and look like our ideal of a perfect Blue Heeler! Thirdly they had to have great working instincts, with strong prey drive, yet able to take directions from their owners.
July 2007 litter ~ 5 weeks


July 2007 litter ~ 4 weeks

Past litters ~

6 weeks old

Pups at 1 & 1/2 weeks ~~~~~ Pups at 2 & 1/2 weeks

2006 Bindy and her new girls!

2006 nap time ~~~~~~~~~~~~2006 first solids w/ Ralph

2006 Puppy Love

             These are pictures of our Dec. 2004 litter.               

roxy blue upside down #1on the saddle
Roxy Blue soaking it in!
I'm ready to work!
puppies at 4weeks
box full of heeler
Pups 4 weeks old Box full of Heelers ~ 5 weeks old
Terry & Roxy blue
Jeremy proud new papa!
Terry and her new baby

Louie & Susan

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Miniature Australian Cattle Dog pups aka Mini Blue Heelers. Family Raised, scaled down version of the Australian Cattle Dog, and have the same intelligence, temperament and instinct to herd as the larger dogs, but are small enough to travel easily and be a "house" dog. Highly trainable to do just about anything you want including a superior working dog. These dogs actually like to learn! Pups we raise are a part of our family and well socialized. 2 females.

minature bllue heeler

Good Golly Miss Molly dam of pups.
By Chubby out of KC.

Molly & Levi

blue heelers

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