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Custom Horse Hauling


Since all transports are "custom", we arrange the
hauling the way you want your horse(s) to be handled and cared
for while in route. We provide extra care and attention to
all the horse(s) and treat them as we would our own.
Stops are made every 3-4 hours to offer water, replenish hay and to let the horse(s) rest. Because we only transport for one customer at a time, there are no out of the way miles, multiple loading and unloading of horses. Ideal for horses that are pregnant, aged, young or may have special needs.




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WindWalker Ranch also offers custom horse hauling anywhere in the United States and Canada. We offer door to door service, with several breaks, usually every 3-4 hours depending on the roads, including laying over at night. We haul for the individual customer, so that your horses, have the shortest travel distance possible.
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