grulla / grullo mares
grulla / grullo mares

~WindWalker Mares~
All of the mares here at WindWalker Ranch are first and foremost proven ranch and trail horses, they must excel at both jobs before we even consider them for breeding. Every mare here has been hand picked to compliment our AQHA Silver Grulla / Grullo Stallion "Ochoas Frosty Kat" or our Friesian stallion "Deeker". Here at WindWalker Ranch they are not just broodmares! In fact, each mare is usually ridden lightly throughout her pregnancy and only bred every other year so that she can still be a horse. Here are a few of our favorite mares...
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Cheyenne grulla / grullo mare under saddle
Belles Blue Bueno 2000 AQHA Grullo


Dandy's Tiko Sugar 2000 AQHA Grullo

dally jessie

Sals Freckles 93' AQHA & Peppy Jessan Chief 97'

carmelita and susanfishing with Lena

JJ Yankee Hobo 99' TWH & Lil Lenas Obsession 99' AQHA

fishing with storm

Tobe's Madison Renee 2000 TWH shown here at 2 1/2

Louie & Susan Ochoa



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Here at WindWalker Ranch we believe the bloodlines speak for themselves. Our AQHA mares have Foundation stars, up close such as; King, Peppy San Badger, Hollywood Gold, Poco Bueno, Pretty Buck Zeb just to name a few. Our Tennessee Walker mares carry many World Grand Champion greats such as; Go Boy's Shadow, Sun's Delight D, Merry Go Boy, just to ramble off a few.

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Louie & Susan Ochoa

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